Can Braces Fix Overbites and Underbites?

Do you suffer from an over- or underbite and are unsure what treatment is right for you? You’ve landed on the perfect blog! At Orbach Orthodontics, our orthodontists and team are experts in the many causes of bite complications and how they can be addressed through easy, straightforward treatment. Read on to learn more about bite issues, signs you may have one, the benefits of pursuing treatment, and which braces can treat them.


All About Bite Issues

When teeth are correctly aligned, your upper row sits comfortably just past your bottom row. However, those with bite issues have irregularities or misalignments in their jaw, causing their teeth to be off balance. They can be a result of many different things, including genetics. Those with a parent or close family member who suffers from bite complications likely will have them as well. They can also be caused by early childhood habits, such as prolonged thumb- or pacifier-sucking, as well as jaw injury.

There are many types of bite issues, but overbite and underbite are the two most common our team diagnoses in adults and children. An overbite occurs when the upper teeth protrude too far past the lower teeth. An underbite is the opposite, where the lower teeth reach further past the upper teeth. Both result in complications when left untreated.

When To Begin Care

Bite issues can develop at any age. Dr. Orbach recommends taking action as soon as you start to notice signs of a bite issue or bringing in your child early so we can track their orthodontic health. Your dentist is a great resource who can alert you to common signs and direct you to care. 

Leaving an overbite or underbite untreated can lead to adverse health concerns later in life, such as jaw pain, chewing complications, speech issues, and a loss of confidence from being afraid to show off your smile.


Signs You May Have a Bad Bite

There are many signs that a bad bite may be present. Below is a list of common indications you may already recognize.

  • TMJ Complications: excessive pressure placed in the jaw area, misaligning your teeth and sometimes even causing migraines
  • Everyday Wear and Tear: uneven teeth placement can cause certain areas of your mouth to wear down from daily actions like chewing
  • Unable to Completely Close Mouth: the lower jaw sticking out further than may prevent your lips from closing your mouth all the way
  • Speech Issues: the natural placement of your tongue may cause you to mispronounce or be unable to pronounce certain words or sounds
  • Difficulty Chewing: your teeth may be unable to chew food into bite-sized pieces for proper digestion

Not every sign must be present to be diagnosed with an overbite or underbite. The earlier you notice them and get treated, the more straightforward your treatment plan may be. During your free consultation, Dr. Orbach can share more about the current condition of your oral health and what we can do to help.


Can Braces Fix Overbites and Underbites?

Why Pursue Teeth Alignment?

Smoother Digestion

Undergoing orthodontic treatment to resolve bite issues can provide many general health benefits beyond what you initially think your teeth and gums affect. Many patients experience smoother digestion after aligning their teeth, thanks to improved bite and chew functions. When teeth properly break down food into bite-sized pieces, your stomach and intestine don’t need to work overtime to digest it, and your body absorbs more nutrients.

Easier Oral Care 

A perfect smile also helps you clean your teeth more thoroughly. Braces eliminate hard-to-reach areas of the mouth your toothbrush may have trouble reaching, making your daily oral care routine more straightforward and comprehensive. Sticking to your schedule will remove excessive plaque and bacteria buildup.

A Boost in Confidence

In addition to health benefits, you can expect a boost in your confidence. Hiding your smile can have negative effects on your mental health. When you don’t have to think about your smile’s appearance in front of friends and family members, you can enjoy a more fulfilling life by not being afraid to display your happiness. Nothing makes our team happier than seeing our patients leave our office with a huge grin at the end of treatment. 


Your Treatment Options

Modern Metal Braces

A tried-and-true option for all ages, modern metal braces are known for their reliability and strength in even the most complex orthodontic cases. They are crafted from stainless steel and appear discreetly, thanks to sleek brackets and thin wires. Metal braces place constant slight pressure on your teeth and jaw over time to resolve bite issues.

Incognito Lingual Braces

For those interested in braces who want a different appearance, Incognito lingual braces may be the perfect choice. Incognito lingual braces lay on the inside surface of your teeth so you can undergo treatment and continue smiling without anyone noticing your appliance. They are completely customized to your teeth, providing efficient treatment and fewer appointments. 

InBrace Hidden Braces

Like lingual braces, InBrace hidden braces are a teeth straightening treatment that hides behind your teeth throughout care. They utilize a custom SmartWire to fit your teeth, placing them on autopilot to shift them into perfect alignment. This incredible appliance doesn’t require changing your food choices or adding new steps to your everyday oral care routine.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are another aesthetically appealing appliance choice. They use the same technology as metal braces, but they have tooth-colored brackets, wires, and other components that blend in with your smile. They are also stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your morning cup of coffee changing the color of your appliance over time. Dr. Orbach can help you decide on the best appliance during your free consultation. 


Can Braces Fix Overbites and Underbites?

Fix Your Bite Today!

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