Patient Reviews

We’re dedicated to an experience that combines the leading treatments and expertise with a warm, caring environment.

Some of our Washington DC and Falls Church patients have been kind enough to let us know when they felt we’ve hit the mark. Read their reviews right here.

Amazing to Work With!

The staff, techs, and Dr. Orbach were amazing to work with. They were efficient and managed everyone's time (including mine), which was important when visiting the office during a work day! Dr. Orbach was up for a challenge...and he delivered!

- Sandy

Happy With the Result!

Great orthodontist! All of the options I had were explained well and the timeline that I had braces matched the estimate and I was very happy with the end result. The staff is very friendly as well. I highly recommend Dr. Orbach to anyone interested in having braces!

- Chris

SO HAPPY With My Teeth!

I am SO HAPPY with my teeth! After my consultation with Dr. Orbach, I decided to go with lingual braces (inside your teeth). Dr. Orbach proved himself to be an expert in handling my case. He and his staff were extremely attentive to me throughout the process!

- Justin

Exceeds Expectations

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Orbach and his team! Appointments were flexible, everyone was friendly, the office was clean, and the service exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this office!

- Amy H.

Felt Cared For

I’ve had the best experience with Dr. Orbach and his team. I’m impressed with my care and enjoyed every appointment. Everyone in the office is knowledgeable, and I felt cared for. I’m so happy with the results of my treatment.

- Brittany L.

Smiling More Than Ever!

I am extremely happy with the results of my two-year adult braces. Dr. Orbach and his staff are such professionals. I am smiling more than ever, and it is all because of his professional recommendations, attention to detail, and exceptional service!

- Alicia

Quick & Easy Results

I recently finished treatment with Orbach Orthodontics and couldn’t be happier. From the consultation to the end of treatment (under 1 year!) Dr. Orbach and his team provided excellent care. Thank you, Dr. Orbach and team, for my awesome smile!

- David P.

Easy Orthodontics

Dr. Orbach is a great orthodontist, and I’ve had an easy experience. His office is always very clean, and their billing is extremely transparent. I love the front desk team and assistants, too.

- Karla H.

I Love My Smile

I had a complex case, and Dr. Orbach and his team treated it with Invisalign. They gave me realistic expectations, and now I love my smile!

- M.J.

Love My Smile

I can't say enough good things about Orbach Orthodontics! The office is beautiful, the team is friendly, and Dr. Orbach does excellent work. I recently completed adult braces, and the process was comfortable and affordable. I love my new smile.

- V.C.

Small-Town Feel

I am very pleased with my experience and service at Orbach Orthodontics. The staff checked in on me to see how I was adjusting — giving a small-town feel with their customer care quality. Highly recommend them for your orthodontic needs.

- Brandt

Thrilled With My Results!

Dr. Orbach is excellent, and his team is professional, attentive, and kind. I would recommend this office to anyone who wants to have beautiful teeth. I’m thrilled with my results so far!

- Moo W.

Highly Recommend

Dr. Orbach and his team were professional, polite, and helpful. I would highly recommend Orbach Orthodontics.

- William G.