The Best Type of Braces For Adults

Whether you were not given a chance when you were younger, or it was not necessary at the time, Orbach Orthodontics loves to see adult patients seek out orthodontic treatment to straighten out their smile or finally address long-term pain that has been affecting their everyday lives. Our team is here to help you discover the best types of braces for adults and learn about the benefits you can reap from treatment.


Clear Braces

A hybrid choice between Invisalign and traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces provide a middle ground. They allow you the subtle, nearly invisible look of aligners along with the tried-and-true effectiveness of traditional braces. The ceramic brackets are glued onto your teeth and connected together by wires. Clear braces work well for issues with overcrowding, bite issues, and crooked teeth. 

They are a great choice for adults looking to continue their regular routine with their discrete appearance while still enjoying the benefits of straightening their teeth. 


InBrace Hidden Braces

Using a Smartwire placed on the back of your teeth, InBrace hidden braces are programmed to slowly move your teeth into place using advanced computer modeling and Gentleforce technology. Another option many adults enjoy, this subtle yet effective treatment does not require tightenings each month and allows you to eat as you normally would while wearing it. 

This option also allows for better oral hygiene, as nothing will get stuck between the braces, and you don’t have to worry about stains left behind from meals.

Metal Braces

This trusted traditional treatment continues to be one of the most popular choices performed by Dr. Orbach. Over the years, metal braces have continued to prove to be one of the most effective plans for fixing complex orthodontic issues. They use gentle pressure to slowly shift teeth into the ideal position.

They are well-known as being an affordable option that allows you to attain your smile goals without breaking the bank. More comfortable and modern than ever, metal braces have advanced far past what adults may remember learning about them as kids. More time is given back to you, with less time being spent at orthodontic visits for adjustments.

Lingual Braces

Yet another completely invisible treatment option, lingual braces sit on the back of your teeth. Our team will custom-fit the braces for you so they lay comfortably and work as efficiently as possible. They treat a range of orthodontic issues behind the scenes while still offering the strength that traditional metal braces provide. 

If you are a professional seeking to maintain a sleek look or simply want to keep a traditional braces-free appearance on your teeth, lingual braces may be the perfect option for you to straighten your teeth out!

The Best Type of Braces For Adults

Clear Aligners

Our team understands being able to get treatment as an adult without having to worry about what they make look like on your teeth is important.  We are proud to offer both Invisalign and 3M Clarity clear aligners. These subtle, custom-made trays are worn for 20-22 hours per day and are switched out every other week as your teeth slowly begin shifting into position. Using 3-D graphics of your teeth, Orbach Orthodontics is able to predict how your teeth will move with each aligner and better manage your treatment. 

Clear aligners are removable, invisible appliances that do not restrict food choices, so you don’t have to worry about what you can or cannot eat while going through treatment. Both of these options also typically work faster than traditional braces!

Advantages of Starting Braces In Adulthood

Easier Everyday Digestion

Straight teeth really do improve your nutrition and make the digestion process smoother. When perfectly aligned, your teeth are able to chew your food into small, digestible pieces, making your intestines work more efficiently. This can prevent stomach aches and heartburn, allowing your body to avoid overworking itself. Your body is also able to absorb more nutrition from the food you intake.

Enhance Your Oral Hygiene and General Health

Oral maintenance, such as brushing and flossing, becomes much easier and more productive after your braces treatment is complete. You are able to floss between your teeth without any trouble and can clean each tooth without any brushing gymnastics! As a result, you are less likely to suffer from gum disease, cavities, plaque buildup, and more!

Boost Your Confidence 

Nailing a first impression is difficult, but it can be made a little easier when you are happy with your smile! Accepting braces into your life for just a couple of years can positively impact the rest of your life. Happiness actually increases the more you smile and thus can improve your quality of life! 

Others are more likely to perceive you as a kind and generous person when you grin at them with straight teeth. Your brighter smile allows you to feel more confident in showing it off and be more likely to engage in social interactions. 

The Timeframe for Straightening Your Teeth

The question we get all the time: how long will my treatment take? This depends on a few factors, including how complex your case is, the treatment option you choose, and your current oral health. The average length of treatment ranges from one to three years. 

Dr. Orbach will be able to walk you through each option and help you determine which is the best choice for you based on your orthodontic needs. No matter the length of treatment, the straight, healthy smile that will last you a lifetime will be worth the wait!


The Best Type of Braces For Adults

Your Journey To A New Smile Starts Today!

Braces can change your life and give you the smile you have been looking for! Our team is always eager to meet new patients and show the wonders Orbach Orthodontics can do for them. If you are ready to start your braces journey or need any questions answered, call or visit our Washington DC or Falls Church practice to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Orbach today!